Why Motorcycle Quick Shifter is OVERRATED

Why Motorcycle Quick Shifter is OVERRATED

a lot of these new motorcycles that you know the newer Superbike super sports even some of the other bikes and some of the dual sports come with a quick shifter or the ability to add a quick shifter to the bike I have it on my Priya Toronto v4 1100 Factory as you guys know I purchased that bike several months ago with the 2017 it has a quick shifter my other bikes you know my Honda cbr1000rr you know my wr250r and of course is 2019 yz4 50 FX they don't have a quick shifter it's a standard shifting on it so I'm fixing to tell you why a quick shifter is overrated let's go you're watching psycho cruises all the wooden motorcycle channel subscribe to date continually video suggestions but you may find what you're looking for by visiting my website at psycho cruiser comm and click on the menu tab my videos those are a bunch of playlists with all my videos categorized in them to make it easier for you to navigate through yeah I see some fun over here guys it's time to get a little bit of slide action have some fun out here on my supermoto yes most fun bike in the garage for me baby I love it yeah cut that light on make sure I got my street-legal stuff on so cops don't bother me and it's gonna hint get some sly action over here that's what's cool about the duels for baby it's live action and get back on the road bro rise like a bat out of hell baby I love it I love it I love it I love it well I'll tell you guys honestly I don't see what the fuss is with the quick shifter man Oh you know saying it's alright for the streets I still say you don't need a quick shifter man I think it's cool you know but sometimes when I get on my – oh no I blip the throttle bro oh yeah I love it baby good times well oh man if I could shake but I'll tell you I like blipping the throttle man I like standard shifty I don't know I've been doing it so long it's like it's muscle memory I do without even thinking man see if I can mess around over here on this stuff well it's not actionable now that you know the hell well I feel like the Dukes of Hazzard of here on a motorcycle good old time I hope did I love lip in that throttle baby I like it on the street I don't care I like doing a red mansion I don't care man on Toronto you don't need to switch gears that fast on the street man on the track yes on the street no if the bike has it cool if your bike doesn't has it but has the ability to add it don't add it unless you go to the track it's unnecessary man you don't know saying I know some of you guys are going to clown on me cycle cruiser land with you talk quick shifter is where it's at dude you're talking old here I'm saying man you got to get with the times you got to get you a quick shifter dude I love it baby but I do just fine need a quick shift out here on the streets and I'll tell you like say when I get on my Toronto I blip and I started to blipping across because I I forget that it's got the quick shifter I don't pay attention to it some of you guys call me out on it cycle cruiser you don't need a blip throttle man you got the great ship you're on the – oh no you can always cut the quickshifter off I believe on the – on old you can cut it off but I tell you I mean I'm not trying to race anybody out here I'm just out here having fun why waste money on something that's unnecessary and you get probably shipped nearly as fast out here on the street here the track if Eurasian manly yeah baby I take this bike is awesome on the highway two men you guys asked me about the highway performance I did a video on it by the way and I really whipped on it got it 200 it goes up to 105 and it gets there quick one no problem power on this vital Harvard Ritz I'm not gonna take this bike on the highway go home try to burn it out but I feel a few stops on it you know no problem I'm downtown Cleveland I can jump on highway with his light and ride home to the suburbs no problem lady hey guys get all the – empowered you Nina so I tell you – a lot of cops let me slide with this white man this fight and my death PR pants are cut the cops before hahaha I don't know what it is the dirt bikes everybody out here in Ohio man it's the super bikes you know like the simplified side here give them tickets because a lot of them them all police officers they tried cruisers they were all right hold Harley Davidsons I hear man so they have a disdain for super sports and super PACs now there is a small percentage police officer said you lied to the bike very small I hear no hi everybody everybody rides Harvey's not here baby but folks you guys want to get my gear like the neck brace my airbag that keeps me safe on my Super Sport my helmet leather jackets camera all my sub are the three lakes in the description the comment section my video or go to my website psychicu.com click on the minions am I here and that's least and all my stuff thumbs up check out my playlist for new riders and popular videos don't forget to comment and subscribe and check out my other channel bookout moto where our customized a van for my motorcycles so I can live in my van with my motorcycle and travel across the country anywhere subscribe to my youtube channel lookout moto

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  2. Bought a new MT09 in 2018 which comes standard with a QS in Australia but have never used it. Been riding without one for 40 years and muscle memory just reaches for that clutch lever every time. Maybe one day……..lol.


  3. The 3rd best thing i did to my mto9 is add qs….no i dont need it…but it makes the ride 200x more fun. …Its like you dont need double cluched pedal shift in a car , but heluva fun playing with it……


  4. If you don’t like it , don’t use it . I think it’s pretty cool option or mod can be handy cutting down time in racing if you’re into that.


  5. Best motorcycle upgrade???? a QUICK SHIFTER absolutely love my bike with it I use it every day


  6. I’m only 2 minutes in so I’m not sure what else you’ll say, but of course you don’t NEEEEEEEED it, but you have the freedom to do it, so why not do it if you want! I don’t particularly want one, but if they want it for the street, let them have it!


  7. Quickshifters are so cool it's not even funny. U don't have to use it every shift only when u want/need.


  8. Hop on your little trail bike and head north, say 2000 miles, until you run out of road. Your toy becomes your tool. Get your zen on man.


  9. I never understood quickshifter on a bike cuz really the only time it would come in handy would be in the downshift cuz in upshift if ya reving hard the gear up will just slip in anyway


  10. For new riders I agree, a quick shifter may divide the riders attention between the street and the speedometer. Whereas knowing your in 2nd/3rd gear and within the speed limit without looking.


  11. Part of the enjoyment of riding a motorcycle is shifting for me. I think quickshifters take away some of that sense of finesse and skill that you may feel proud of. For the track definitely makes sense but even then it takes away from rider skills and gives more credit to the machine.


  12. Shifting and clutch work is what riding is all about. Might as well buy a scooter if you are too lazy or stupid to use a clutch and rev match.


  13. I agree with you for the street 👌 if it hasn’t it cool but more important mods you could do if your bike doesn’t come with a quick shifter especially if you never plan on tracking the bike.


  14. Ive only got a bike with a QS a month or so and i can already tell that itll be very i mean very useful on a long ride. Specially here in asia maybe not in america but here if youve seen the traffic and add the high humidity and heat youll wish you have a quickshifter. One time on a long ride My left hand started to cramp up luckily i was already close to home. QS is usefull on track and long rides with alot of traffic. So i would say it is overrated yeah in america. Ive driven on american roads and it made me sleepy thats how nice your roads are


  15. Wouldn’t want a quickshifter on a bike like your YZ 450 BUT on our Tuono 1100 Factory V4 it’s a MUST! Reason you don’t use yours CC is because you still have that LAME OEM stock exhaust on your bike man, geeez break down & spend some mula on a nice exhaust so that you can hear (and feel) our Tuono’s awesome power, sounds nowhere better than when your quickshifting too!


  16. Quickshifter are amazing you don't have to be on the track to appreciate quickshifer, It just one thing you don't must to own but when you do it's making your life easier.




  18. I hear you, I probably wouldn’t pay extra for it. But my panigale 959 came with it. And I do like to use it every now and then. Specially if I want to punch it hard. Remember is was designed for racing so, it is kinda fun.


  19. I love the quick shifter on my zx10r was the best toy other than a pipe I bought!

    They sound frickin awesome when blipping up all the way through the gears


  20. Did I see you at mid-Ohio? I’m sure you would love it. Next year let’s get you out on the track.


  21. Is the "quickshifter" a necessity? Of course not, it's great to have even while riding on the street. But it should never replace the skill of rev matching, that's something you should certainly know how to do. The reality with most that are fitted to sport bikes is that, if you're not in a highish rev range they don't work well or at all. The MV quickshifter you have to be high in the revs for it to be smooth, otherwise it's very clunky. My Ducati's sometimes won't upshift if you aren't giving it enough gas. So in a way you're correct, there's no real "need" for them, but they are awesome to have if it comes stock.


  22. For an extra $130 on my MT-09, you’d be foolish to ignore it. I love it, keep your fingers securely planted while rippin full throttle. I can shift as quickly as the quick shifter. Keeping me safely attached to my handle bars with wind blasting me in the chest is what I like about it.


  23. Quickshifter is one the absolute best mods you can do to a street bike. Stop giving people bad information CycleCruza


  24. Says a person who only drives when there are 3 cars on the road lol Quick shifter is great for merging onto freeways, and even better when you are in traffic having to down/up shift all the time. It for sure has applications for people who commute daily or enjoys spirited canyon rides. That said, its a pretty expensive addon and it sure is not "needed", but I don't believe they are overrated, just might be for your style of riding.


  25. I disabled my oem R1 quickshifter.
    I like working the clutch
    Its what comes natural when
    you're driving a manual transmission
    Some limp wrist snowflake must
    of come up with the quickshifter
    I never use that shit….


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