US Xpress- How to Succeed as a New Truck Driver

US Xpress- How to Succeed as a New Truck Driver

Thinking about getting into the truck driving field? You don’t have to go at it alone. And, our drivers are here to help. Pay attention to these helpful tips for how to succeed if you’re a new, or aspiring, truck driver. Apply to US Xpress now:

Hear from 7 experienced truckers on how to achieve success and find happiness in your career as a professional truck driver.

Some of the tips in this video include:

(1) Research all the different avenues of trucking before you get into it, so you’ll end up in something you like — without any surprises.

(2) Take your training seriously even if parts of it feel unnecessary. You’ll use all of it, eventually.

(3) Pay attention, be safe, be good to your dispatcher and fleet manager, and don’t break the laws of the road. US Xpress Owner Operator Dean Arender believes these are the keys to success in trucking.

(4) Do little jobs for load planners, and more freight will come your way when volume is low. You’ll stand out and become a preferred driver when those load planners need to decide who they want to haul the next load.

(5) Rein in your expectations before you get into trucking, and then raise the bar once you’re comfortable and confident doing the job. This tip is related to tip 1 because it’s important to research what you can expect from trucking before you jump in with the wrong idea.

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3 Comments on "US Xpress- How to Succeed as a New Truck Driver"

  1. I tell you my time at US Xpress was great. I was always moving, rarely got less than 2600 miles a week and usually got 3000+. But I wasn't able to get home enough for my kid. My current company keeps me close to home and with about the same miles. If I ever decide to back to OTR I might go back to US Xpress.


  2. If you are orientationing at Dallas- consider staying somewhere besides the Comfort Suites. High crime area, husband's personal vehicle was broken into parked directly under the streetlight.


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