The Tide Rose – Ferris Wheel

The Tide Rose – Ferris Wheel

The Tide Rose – Ferris Wheel
You’re like a ferris wheel, circling around
Off in an open field, firm in the ground
Lost in the wilderness, not to be found
Give me your hand & I won’t let you down

In a place I’ve never been
To find a way, I’m wandering
Will you take my hand
Or will you just keep spinnin’

Searching for seven years, yearning to see
Tell me I’m getting near where you will be
Scarred from the moment when I saw you leave
How will it feel if I break through the trees?

I’m not about to figure it out for you
What will you do if I never move for you?
What can I say if there’s not a way to you?
What can I do if I’m still in love with you?


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  2. When I first time hearing this song I'm already hooked up can't stop listeningggg! This really makes my life go easier idk why but this is amazing


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