Space Engineers Wheel Elevator Mk-II

Space Engineers Wheel Elevator Mk-II

This is my elevator design using wheels to provide stability.
I havent made any videos before and english is not my main language. So sorry for my accent and lack of experience on presentation.

Steam workshop link:

Workshop Description:
MK-II update:
Because i’m new to workshop and steam dont recognise my save file i had to create a new workshop item for mk-II.

Mk-I design was a proof of concept. Mk-II is practical and usable, but a little expensive to build. I tried to make it realistic as much as possible (except use of thrusters). Although this is still a proof of concept design with no cosmetics.
Now all the wheels are located under the cargo area.
All cargo area and elevator is now heavy armor for easy landing and durability.
Its damage proof if you slow down and be a little carefull while docking at floors. If not it has enough power to destroy itself easily !

For Mk-III i want to use piston door design with wheels so i may design a powerfull multi floor elevator. for this i have taken permission from pep to use his piston designs.

Currently i’m working on a folding door design because most of current door designs are taking soo much space and i want my designs to be compact as much as possible. Because of that no completion date for Mk-III for now.

Please share any flaws you discover or your suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Dude i have been trying to make a Wheel elevator for ever, yet I can't make it to fit.


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