Ride For The Fallen 7: Thousands Of Motorcyclists Honor Randolph NH Crash Victims

Ride For The Fallen 7: Thousands Of Motorcyclists Honor Randolph NH Crash Victims

just before the storms moved in thousands of motorcyclists came together up in New Hampshire to remember seven riders killed in a crash last month people from all over the country in fact came to honor them with a memorial ride in Laconia wbz's Jim Smith joins us live in the studio now with more on this story Jim and Katie and Kenneth started in Laconia but that was only the beginning the riders making their way through several New Hampshire communities and the turnout was huge just in memory of the seven we lost a sea of chrome punctuated by the thunder of roaring engines thousands of motorcyclists hitting the streets of New Hampshire the ride for the Fallen 7 a dramatic display in memory of those who died in that terrible crash last month Saturday's event became bigger than anyone imagined I just want to get a couple dozen guys to go up and make a run and just you know show their respect just a snowball that's great get people coming here we've got a son from Arizona in Texas it's great tribute your fight is over as you lie in heaven be rest assured we'll ride for the Fallen 7 [Applause] the pain of loss was combined with a determination that the Fallen seven never be forgotten one rider new victim Albert woody masa very well today is special to me because I would be a non vet and also a marine and woody was also a Marine and Vietnam vet so we had kind of a close ties he's gonna be sorely missed the ride is also raising money to benefit the families of those who lost their lives many people also lined the streets offering moral support crucial for the riders the support from everybody from the community from state officials from the police it's just been overwhelming they've just helped us every step of the way we could have done any of this well and that ride finished up and Randolph New Hampshire that of course is where this terrible crash happened it was the success by all accounts I'm Jim Smith WBZ news

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  1. I rode in this EPIC memorial ride. Thousands of people lined the streets & highways, saluting, waving, flag flying, Police & Fire trucks at every entry/exit the entire route, drones flying taking videos, people and riders out in the pouring rain with lightening exploding all around us up north, nothing stopping us …Patriotism on display like never before in NH. Impressive doesn't cover it…it was EPIC!
    Thanks for sharing this video.


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