Recovering a Motorcycle Seat

Recovering a Motorcycle Seat
We go to Ronald’s Upholstery Shop to watch him recover a motorcycle seat. He recovers our motorcyle seat with Slip Stop.

Slip Stop will hold you on the seat of the motorcycle and it actually stops you from slipping around on your motorcycle seats

I’m here this afternoon at Ronald’s upholstery Shop. We’re here today to watch him recover a Yamaha factory seat. With something he calls No Slip

As we talked the other day those are not stainless. No they’re rusty. My supplier sells stainless staples but, when I went to buy them, he said “Are you working on a boat that is going to be in the ocean?” And I said “no”

He said “There is no need for them” That’s his sales pitch on them.

Like I said if it’s plywood I figure they’ll last as long as the plywood. But if it’s good plastic seats, it would be worth putting stainless steel in them.

A lot of people will take and cut this vinyl on the outside of the staples and just pull it off and put a new one under here and staple over the top of the other ones. And you can do that but, I just don’t.

This foam looks in pretty good shape. Is there any repair needs to be done with it? It’s got one little hole up here, is there anything to fill that with?

I can glue a little piece of foam in it and grind it smooth, yea. I’ll have to let that glue dry. Spread it around a little bit with that

This is a contact, Right?


You glued that let it dry, trimmed it down with a knife or scissors? Clipped it off with a pair of scissors. Now, your fixing to dress it. It’s a different color but, it smooth.

What I’ll do I’m going to go ahead and just cut it. It’ll will be sort of big.

I’m not going to glue it. What’s the advantage of glueing it and not glueing it? If I glue it I can get this much stuck down, and just stretch it.

Stick and little bit more and stick a little bit more. By the time I get to the bottom edges. It’s on I’ll just take the edges

Let’s glue it.

and staple it down.

If you don’t mind let’s glue it then.

And if I don’t glue it,

I’ll staple it across here, and I’ll stretch it to the front. If I don’t do anything but glue it right down the middle


It’ll make it a little easier. All right let’s see I’ll just do it like this to start with.
Make sure I got enough to

You want to center it. Little short there.

Maybe I shouldn’t have put

Now that little hole that I fixed If you don’t fix that hole, and glue it it will show,


But if you don’t glue it it don’t show. It just stretches over.

The vinyl just stretches straight over.

This is called slip not?

Slip Stop

Slip Stop ok

That’s what my suppliers name for it is. You usually keep this in stock? Well, yea sort of, yea.

It’s not going to stick. You didn’t put glue on it.

So I’m going a have to go ahead and

Can I hold anything for you.

I may need you to in a minute

Ok I’m not sure.

A hot sunny day that will make this thing fit like a glove.

That’s it isn’t it?

Ronald that is just awesome

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  1. nice video! I bet this older guy does just the best on everything he does! we younger folks can learn a lot! thank you!


  2. very usefull!! first i tried it on my own.. but when i threw the seat to wall a couple of times, you guys came with the answer. i did not get it to fit it like the pro on the video. but its close enough! thanks!


  3. Nice work! Ron knows what he is doing and makes it look easy. Another great vid. I hope you keep making them as you are taking the mystery out of doing lots of maintenance. I do appreciate and subscribe to you. Looking for to more videos of yours.


  4. Very useful video. Thanks!!! I was wondering if the contact adhesive inside the compressed air gun dries very fast? I have not used my compressor to upholster because I fear that if I do not finish the job it very fast it could dry and make very hard to clean it… is it easy to clean it?


  5. Ron, thanks for the post, what kind of adhesive are you using?, and do you have any recommendations on glue types if I don't have access to a compressor and gun (I don't), is a spray adhesive available? – please advise. I've got 2 dirtbike seats to cover, one DT200 Yam that's like a banana – flat bike seats, no problem – but this banana type ephod has got me stumped (got the Yam cover but I can't get it on without what I know will be a crease or two). Thanks again for your posts, MC from Sydney Aust'.


  6. Hi. I love this. Just one question please. The slip stop my son bought for his bike has stretch across the grain. So, do you place the stretch of the slip stop across the seat or down the length of the seat? Thanks in advance!


  7. Thanks for this. It would have been instructive to see how the fabric is managed at the corners to avoid bunching. Are multiple folds required? Thanks for any further info.


  8. What does it cost to do this?
     I bet there is not a chance of copy right infringement with the music in this video!


  9. Great job, thank you for video. The only concern is adhesive, is it permanent in a case if I have to redo it again ?


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