New Segment? Heather Rides…chronicling the journey of my girlfriend's motorcycling

New Segment? Heather Rides...chronicling the journey of my girlfriend's motorcycling

I've locked my keys in here enjoy that we go so the new series is called Heather rides and you know it's funny it was honestly of Noah like no effort by me at all no no planning by me at all that the the first two people that I knowingly have gotten into motorcycling are my sister and my girlfriend and wasn't like some like you know women's activism thing I was doing intentionally it just so happens that I the two people that that know me well yeah I know the remote keys nut ranges in my backpack the new tubular know me well enough but even like expressed an interest were these two women and it's great you know what female motorcycling is is growing really fast the the things I was told as a kid is like you know girls don't ride motorcycles are too dangerous or too manly and macho it's like all that's going away the younger people are getting are not being told that by people my age and the older people for the people that are my age that are women are like screw it why can't I ride a motorcycle it's perfect so so I'm I'm I have some I have some issues with this series because I have a feel thing that's gonna be misinterpreted a few times and hopefully I can cover like FAQ now that will that will save me some time later down the road from people so the first one is that if people interpret this as like me trying to make money off of my girlfriend's interests and motorcycling that's not true at all I want to document it because I'm really just freaking happy for her and I know that she has no interest in doing the kind of video style that I do what I just talk into my helmet and then get home after a long day of working and edit videos and publish them and flip their comments and and do all the work that's required to make like a measly like 10 cents a video it's just not something that she hasn't interested in so I'm not doing it as like I'm speaking for women that's not the goal here the goal is simply just to document through my eyes the experience she's gonna go through and hopefully her allowed me to keep doing that and if she ever says now I'm not comfortable with this and I'll stop this may be the last video in the series evens I've heard of toughest yet I think she's kind of aware though that I was an astronaut it's hopefully she is okay with it and second of all I never been pushy at all in fact when I started writing you know I've been shouldn't it be fun if you wrote I think I mentioned her once or twice and once once per year last three years you know if we're on our trip together I've written my leg it'll be good to know that like you can ride to get us out of there and if you take the msf not only will you become a better driver I told my sister did you'll be a better or situationally aware of the road but also you will have motor license is good for life now it doesn't mean you'll be able to ride for life but the license won't expire so why not just get it I'll pay for it and you know this year was the first year where Heather actually and really should I do a vlog or something but this is a virtue the Heather actually asked me like you know more about it she wanted know more about it oh my wow that's that's awesome that's super cool so you know just just based on who I am I'm like happy to talk to her about it you know I'm excited about it so and third third thing is you know by proxy of that like I haven't pushed her into BMW I pushed her in any brands I've given her list of different bikes that are based on independent research are good beginner bikes that are you know low enough for her inseam and would match her her intended riding style which would be you know she wants to commute primarily I think I think almost 80% of her miles will be commuting to and from work so she wants people to put her a laptop and a change of her gym clothes and that kind of stuff on a bike ride to work on the interstate and have a nice stylish bike with some creature comforts like cruise control heated grips those kind of things so so she has a few different you know requirements and she and I both drive German cars we both kind of have like a an interest in nicer things I think your dream car right now is like a sq5 rescue 7 or like a VN w m7 one of those kind of bigger vehicles like that she wants fast you want sporty she wants hugging seas she loves my Golf R we're gonna have an affinity for German colors Germany on the German metallic colors like the greens and the yellows and bright things so so you know I Center I went to things at the Honda nc700x 50 KTM Duke 690 or 390 the G 310 a bunch of other touring stuff you know from back in the day and she kept gravitating towards the are 90 scrambler or the f650 GS or to the she actually really gravitated toward I think mentally she kind of ruled out the are 90 scrambler the 90 in general we we found a are 90 regular a 2014 with 18,000 miles with a suspension setup her weight and size for Dolan shocks its luggage for nine thousand and she really loved it she fell in love but she should I read reviews and realize you know I think the torque and the the power in each watch for me there's no automatic civility control there's no anti wheelie there's no cornering ABS there's no ride mode there's no cruise control just ABS the windscreen is inadequate to small fuel tanks she's kind of guy I really want a boxer I really want the shaft drive but I think it's so much power I don't think it's set up for touring great commuter but not good for touring and I agree with her but she loves the look of it so I will look at the Ducati scrambler look at the triumph scrambler look at those kind of kind of bikes and again they're all like 800cc sporty bikes and not a lot of luggage options so we've been going on runs for a while I think she actually is really really fond at the f650 F 750 which of course I'd be fine with it but I'm not pushing her towards it she just has affinity to German machines she and I are both the same in that regards we just we love German vehicles and so I don't blame her but so getting bikes I don't push her towards any one brand all I've done is I have purchased for her an MSF class and I've offered to have her sit on my beta which reads just too tall for to teach her something different basic controls not right around just sit on it with a bike off with a bunch of controls and she's too nervous to do that which is fine I asked her to me to get on the case that would be five and right on that and she doesn't want to go either she would wants to get in the controlled environment she's an academic kind of first that she loves you know just see like a dual masters and there's really smart so she was academic environments and III want to support whatever she wants to do I have no expectations of she isn't she good threw myself for sittin hates it no expectations toward toward this this bike this part buying experience Friday via Whitehall New York job off my bait at a dealer so the first segment of Heather rides if she will be okay with this is that she is going to sit on a few bikes with me and a couple of dealers tomorrow actually Thursday in Concord and Manchester New Hampshire and these are non BMW brands he's this kind of dealers they have multiple multiple brands represented she's gonna sit on a fuel so someone a few brands that she she is interested in if Honda that Kawasaki we have KTM and I don't think they've a Yamaha maybe Yamaha we've got a friend Selena who works at a Harley dealer in town who gets a referral when people come in and ask her about bikes gets it like a referral phone it's either they don't buy anything like 50 bucks or something a person so we're gonna go I hardly do those chefs go selling some Harley's they're way out of her price range she wants to spend between 8 and 13 grand on the bike which I know you all are good like Jesus Christ your first buy it's been 5 and beat the out of it I understand that but it's her bike right this is her decision I've been a little bit devil's advocate but I'm not pushing here any which way soon some Harley's I like when I like Harley's are beautiful so I'll go sit on some Harley's another to the CBO stuff looks gorgeous I wish I could afford one by rather buy a and M 2 qw into than a CDO Road Glide and then then win Friday we'll go to BMW in Troy New York I really be there anyway to go to Whitehall so we're gonna start by Troy I'll conveniently have a trailer with me hooked up with the beta off the beta dealer and we're gonna sell some bikes she's gonna sit on an F 750 and f650 a g3 ten GS and f800r I think for an r/t and a r9 t pure scrambler and urban GS that's the like she wants it on get him under her do this kind of motion the showroom floor put the kickstand down turn the wheel side to side just sort of not wheel the unning steering column side to side just gonna get a feel for the weight of the bike under her gets you flat-footed to organ ama to her shouldn't have her license yet so she's just gonna play around with them and then you know again the whole process is hers to own I would like to make this series really about the experience of her that this initial experience I'd love to interview her initial experience of like what she thinks of this process how I'm treating a survey friend also the the buying experience again new rider 29 years old very responsible very risk-averse deployed a college-educated you know what's this experience like for a new rider and female most importantly you know how about a dealer's treat her how did the how the sales experiences go you know what what how the condition was her parents go all this in my opinion is like interesting I think so speedy going you need to switch modes that I need to get out on there we go and then I would love it if she would allow me to hook up the GoPro without put on the microphone on it up to her helmet for the MSF course and have her record some clips and really again my interest in this I know she's gonna ace it my interest in this is I'll do the instructors treat her so you men that have taken MSF class in the last couple of years you know basic advanced whatever you probably will have had a different experience than my girlfriend will have when the instructors giving you notes and any things I mean I think that women are treated differently in all all areas and I'm really intrigued on how they you know they talked down to her do they give her outs they give her excuses so they they feed her like what is that gonna be like and then and then the final thing is you know that whole actually behind the motorcycle actually riding at home you know that whole thing is so exciting to me and I don't know if she'll put my microphone or a helmet I won't ask her to because a new rider I made the mistake he watched my old videos I mean that's take of like you're recording everything include the first time I ever rode a motorcycle and and like stalling it constantly and that's all recorded in this channel and I like having it now but at the time I really should have focused on line bike as opposed to documenting it that's kind of the that's the thought process of Heather rides it would be a playlist on this channel this would be the first video I want to respect her boundaries I want to respect you know for her her thought process and her you know comfort level so what do you think that's it for this video thanks for watching guys and Heather I'm proud of you and uh just just really excited that she's interested in the hobby hi guys

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  1. Heather and I went to two dealers today that each carry multiple brands. She successfully flat-footed the Duke 390 and Versys 300. The Versys 650 she liked a lot but the seat being wider was a bit harder. half her foot was touching. The Duke 690/790 were very comfortable and she liked how they felt under her. The NC750, she almost dropped and I caught it. She fit the Honda Grom perfectly 😛 Tomorrow we go to a BMW dealer and sit on a few of those. Video coming in a few days.


  2. Get a cheap used basic beginner bike, she may find she doesn’t want to ride after a short period of time. It would be the most prudent thing to do at first.


  3. uh oh, you're going to have to get ride of the K75 right? there's no room for another bike in the house! lol


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