Motorized systems: more details about the Pickman electric car

Motorized systems: more details about the Pickman electric car

Iliya Gorbunov, chief executive officer of Motorized Systems Russia, told about the PIckman electric car presented in the company’s show room.

The PIckman electric car is a production vehicle with small load capacity of up to 500 kg, it’s not designed for daily city rides and can be used in a farming business, tourism (for instance, for transportation around the hotel territory) or at the production site for moving around in the confined space.

Investments in Duyunov Induction Motors:

Iliya emphasizes that the documents provided with the PIckman are tractor documents and any person who has a corresponding driver’s licence can drive this car.

PIckman has 6 lead batteries 72 Volt each, the Li-ion batteries are available for order.

The PIckman is available in several configurations:
– pickup
– with a long frame
– with a small body
– a fiveseater with a boot
The maximum car speed in the regular configuration is 45 km/h, with the “Slavyanka” motor – up to 70 km/h.
With the regular batteries the Pickman can drive 50 km on a single charge at -20 degrees. In summer the trip distance can be increased up to 100 km. In the future the Pickman will be supplied to Russia with the induction motors DA-90S or DA-100S.

The pre-order price of the car is different from in-stock price. You can get detailed information about the car in the showroom of our partners and official representatives of Pickman – Motorized Systems

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