Motor Car (Speeder) Documentary Trailer – Weekend Railroaders

Motor Car (Speeder) Documentary Trailer - Weekend Railroaders

each motorcar run each railroad that we operate on is a new thrill that's a new adventure it's a new track when I was a child I saw some of these cars operating on the tracks in and around San Antonio it's more fun to go right than it is to work so I bought this car and I've been playing with it ever since you're sitting here I don't top the rail like a roller coaster I've been involved with railroads since I was probably about eight years old like most of us get started at the in the Hobby with model train sets things like that and it's just extended from there I thought that was pretty neat I remember them from my childhood I've liked trains my whole life and when I saw the opportunity to buy a car I did and I attended a speeder run in Brady Texas it was a thrill and I was hooked almost before the first milepost passed I knew I had to add one as railroad surplus their little motorcars beginning about 1970 we see see them being sold for scrap railroads considered their value only in terms of their weight to them perhaps the small engines that they had would be useful for some other applications they would often be sold as is where is in place scrap metal prices real fans were able to buy them not knowing really what they would ever do with them still it was a piece of railroad history it was a piece of railroad machinery and it captivated the imagination of quite a few people by 1980 groups had formed that we're collecting restoring treasuring these small collectibles and they began looking for ways to perhaps run them as well it's not unusual to see an excursion organized every weekend somewhere in this country an excursion worth 20 or more these little machines will arrive set on and enjoy the day on the rails for many rail fans it's the only opportunity they actually have to get on the track on freight rail routes just drive an excursion mildly planned chaos well a so most of them they don't quite understand what it is even when you do to explain it to them well when I describe it to other people they generally are concerned well what do you do if a train comes to me a speeder excursions a nice trip through the countryside on the on the tracks through the part of the countryside you don't normally see when you're traveling the roads nice to get out get on the rail and see the see the sights and the scenery go through go through the towns and stations this is my second excursion we have a mentoring process where the older members of the group were more experienced each that members are just new and the group had to drive and be safe and so this is my first free run and we're pretty excited about it

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