Matt Stephens' First Ride on The Cervelo S5 Disc Road Bike | Sigma Sports

Matt Stephens' First Ride on The Cervelo S5 Disc Road Bike | Sigma Sports

I'm riding on the s5 disc survey Lowe's stiffest and most aerodynamic road bike designed for some of the world's fastest sprinters and that's where I'd taken it to the Yorkshire lanes for a bit of a gentle futsal [Applause] it's actually remarkably comfy as well because the carven layer has been specifically designed to reduce any robust cover with that but why the ties are running 25 mils it's a nice and comfy is placed about 90 psi and there's enough clearance on here to 28 mils as well very comfortable indeed right details check out this handlebar and stem combo it's like the Starship Enterprise kind of fitting that surveillance on this bike for riding at warp speed I guess joking aside it boosts the arid land performance of the bike but it also increases the front-end stiffness for the head tube by 13 percent over the previous s5 so even faster when don't all gasp out of the saddle the oversized bottom bracket puts all of your precious watts through the back wheel this bike really does another why father stages g3 double-sided parameter installed so I can track all of that and paste my training rides with total accuracy and this isn't a particular arrow ride bike either in fact it takes these climbs especially the smaller clouds we have in the UK in its stride especially we consider we've got no apses or pure alesia's but I must admit does feel particularly good in the York's is is where we are right now just wants to go quicker just wish I could the bike is also set up with a knight 50 tier late target will set a fantastic complement to the arrow credentials of this playset when you chuck this bike into corners it's super obedient and that's because of the stiffness about it was engineered into the cheese shops no lag at all every ounce of energy they put through the bike seems to propel it forward stiff compliant comfortable checked all the boxes this feels dialed well in summary the Civello s5 is a blast to ride it just wants to go fast whether it's downhill on the flat or even up the climb as well and to make it even more fun of a ride for me anyway it looks a little bit like the Starship Enterprise now the only thing that's lacking is a pilot that can make me go in your pasture but regardless of that I'm going to take it without ever speak you can't not immerse yourself in Yorkshire when you're doing a shoot yes probably one going the video you should do though people need to see right Oh

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  1. That stem solution makes me feel happy. Something new and no-one haven't done it before. Nice job. Looks amazing and of course it is aerodynamic as well. 
    What makes me sad is this bike doesn't have thru axels((( Definitely it is disappointment. Overall I fell in love with this bike.


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