Laurie Greenland’s Mondraker Summum Mullet Bike | GMBN Tech Pro Bike Check

Laurie Greenland’s Mondraker Summum Mullet Bike | GMBN Tech Pro Bike Check

Check out the Mondraker Summum mullet downhill bike that Laurie Greenland rode to 8th place at Red Bull Hardline 2019. The 27.5 frame features some neat touches to accommodate the larger front wheel and fork 🔧

The GMBN Shop:

Frame: Mondraker Summum Carbon
Rear Suspension: Fox DHX2 Coil
Front Suspension: Fox 49
Wheelset: Mavic deemax 29F/27.5R
Tyres: Michelin DH22
Brakes: Shimano XTR 4 Pot
Rotors: Shimano 203mm
Handlebars: Renthal Fatbar carbon 760mm
Stem: Renthal Integra 50mm
Shifter: Shimano Saint
Crankset: Shimano Saint 165mm
Chainring: 36t
Pedals: Crankbrothers Mallet DH
Chain: Shimano
Cassette: Shimano 10 speed cut down to 7 speed
Chain Guard: e*Thirteen LG1
Rear Mech: Shimano Saint
Seatpost: Race Face Next
Saddle: SDG Fly

Anything Else: Brook MacDonald top cap. Offset bushings, eccentric Trickstuff bottom bracket, and -2° headset cups to counter the geometry changes from the 29 inch fork and front wheel.

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26 Comments on "Laurie Greenland’s Mondraker Summum Mullet Bike | GMBN Tech Pro Bike Check"

  1. #askgmbn Hey guys… why was Laurie using xtr and not the saint the brakes? and how big is the difference specially in that hardline course where i guess it is really demanding on the brakes. thanks


    Seems like many people have a hard time understanding the advantages/disadvantages on mullet bikes, so here is some hints from my own experience over the last 4-5 years, riding, converting and tinkering with mullet bikes:


    More nimble at low speed without loosing out on stability at high speed.

    Better turn in/easier to engage the turn

    More stable when leaned over in turns

    You don't hit your rear tire as easily with your bum on steep descends 😉

    Easier to drift through corners

    Faster accelerating/getting up to speed


    Haven't found any real ones so far. Except lack of available bikes/frames, but that will hopefully change as mullet bikes keep winning races 😉

    Tubes? No! 27.5 tubes will fit a 29" as well, so no need to have two spare tubes with you.
    Roll over/rolling resistance? Not really! As the rear wheel is being dragged over obstacles opposed to the front wheel that gets pushed into obstacles, the difference in roll over on the rear isn't nearly as big as you would think! It is important to understand this! To test this and see for yourself: Try to take your bike to a curb. Without sitting on the bike and without lifting it, roll it over the curb. Feel how much it takes to get the front over compared to the rear wheel. The same thing happens when you ride and that's why the 27,5 in the rear isn't nearly as much of a disadvantage in rolling resistance as you would think! The other advantages mentioned earlier far outweigh this any day (imo) – especially for gravity oriented bikes such as AM, Enduro, DH. I guess XC will probably still benefit from full on 29" unless they one day go for 32/29 or something like that 😉


  3. My 2015 dune wears it transmission out after 200 miles. Poorly designed piece of shit. The swing arm hasn’t cracked yet so silver lining!


  4. @ hey guy I have  question on my mountain bike I have a 2016 Norco storm I was working on my bottom bracket and went to put it together and cross thread it I was wondering if I can fix it or get a new bike thanks tyrone oh I live in new Brunswick canada


  5. What does Mark mean when he says "the front axle got a lot closer to the pedals"? If he's not referring to fork offset then this simply isn't possible. The axle position is only raised up slightly when swapping from 27.5 to 29er, there's no way the axle can move close to the pedals in any way.

    They went up a frame size, screwing with geometry because they thought the pedals were now, somehow magically, closer to the front axle.


  6. A mullet is longer at the back. Calling a mixed wheel sized bike with the smaller one at the rear a mullet bike is retarded


  7. #askgmbn Hi Doddie and Harry, love what you guys are doing on the channel! I think my rear bearing is starting to go on my Vitus Sentier VR 29 (, how do I replace this? Cheers, Ross


  8. It's amazing all the shit they have to do to make a 29er work for a lil' dude. Or I guess on most bikes for that matter…can any one say the catch phrase of the year??? Modern geometry. phooey


  9. I really like the bike, I ride a Mondraker factor 26 from 2019 and my dad has a mondraker dune carbon


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