How to Install Dee Zee Wheel Well Tool Box

How to Install Dee Zee Wheel Well Tool Box

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The Dee Zee Wheel Well Tool Box is made of a sturdy poly construction with a heavy duty full length hinge to keep your tools clean and dry from the elements. The tool box is secure and lockable keeping unwanted visitors out. Length: 37″, Width: 7.75″, Height: 19.5″

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How to Install Dee Zee Wheel Well Tool Box

Video Transcription:
Narrator: The wheel well tool box from Dee Zee helps you store your tools, while still giving you plenty of storage space in your truck bed.

One of the most asked questions about this tool box is whether the lid should be installed to open from the left of the right. Well, are you a righty or a lefty? Because you can install the tool box on either side of the truck bed. You can also install the lid to open either way, whichever is more convenient for where you want the tool box.

We’d also like to show you how easy it is to do the final install of the tool box. Once you’ve installed the brackets, all you have to do is use a quarter inch bit to drill two holes on each end of the tool box and then attach the tool box to the brackets using the hex head bolts, nuts, and washers, and a 7/16 wrench or ratchet. So when it comes down to it, the hardest part of this installation is making up your mind on which side to put the tool box.

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