GREEN Engines’ Challenge | TrackMaster | Thomas and Friends #73

GREEN Engines’ Challenge | TrackMaster | Thomas and Friends #73

Welcome you to the challenge between only GREEN engines!
We will find out who is more powerful and agile among them!

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15 Comments on "GREEN Engines’ Challenge | TrackMaster | Thomas and Friends #73"

  1. Percy 2
    Henry 1
    Emily 3
    Gator 1
    Flying Scotsman 1
    Luke 6

    And the winner is Luke! 🎉🎉🎆🎇🎊
    You did good Luke


  2. Who would YOU want to see in your events the most
    1: duck and Oliver
    2: bill and Ben
    3: lady, Murdoch, and molly


  3. Nice job Luke could you do all your red and black engines red engines skarloey, James & Mike black engines Donald, Douglas & Diesel


  4. Why percy got 2 points and henry got 1 ehat the hell man percy push 1 car in the finish


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