Entire BMX Bike Terminology – EXPLAINED

Entire BMX Bike Terminology – EXPLAINED

The terminology of an entire BMX Bike! Every single part and component of the bike broken down and explained in light detail!

Welcome to my EXPLAINED series where I cover different aspects of BMX bikes and the geometry/concepts that make them up!

Full EXPLAINED Breakdowns:
Frame Geometry –

Handlebar Geometry –

Crank Geometry/Does Crank Length Matter –

Fork Geometry –

Stem Geometry –

Entire Playlist –

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15 Comments on "Entire BMX Bike Terminology – EXPLAINED"

  1. It's a crime that someone isn't paying you $250,000 to rep their brand man, you're seriously the most marketable person on the planet. This was awesome for about a kazillion different reasons. Good stuff. #20%


  2. You should do a trick explained, like the difference between a Stahl and a grind, between a feeble and a Smith, and so on.


  3. Also have you heard good or bad about the shadow vultus 11 inch bars Big Boy rides? Cause I can’t find anything


  4. I run 2 tennis balls in my front wheel. Literally only cosmetic. I thought maybe it helped keep the hub clean, but no. You literally just ad one more thing to get dirty. 😂😂😂 Also, I'm getting brakes! Odyssey Springfield brakes, buying them this week hopefully.


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