Electric Car Battery Pack Upgrades: How BMW and Renault Are Leading The Pack

Traditionally automakers have shied away from offering battery pack upgrades for electric cars, instead encouraging customers to simply trade their existing cars in when a newer, more capable model arrives on the market.

But two automakers — BMW and Renault — currently offer battery pack upgrades for owners of older models. In the case of BMW’s i3, that battery pack upgrade (from 22 kilowatt-hours to 33 kilowatt hours) pushes the BMW i3’s official range to 114 miles per charge from 81 miles per charge previously. In the case of the Renault ZOE 41 kilowatt-hour upgrade (almost double that of the original 22 kilowatt-hour pack), range becomes almost twice what it once was.

Is it a good idea to upgrade your car’s battery pack if you happen to own one of these vehicles? And how much is it?

And in offering these battery pack upgrades, are BMW and Renault leading the electric car sustainably revolution?

Watch the video to find out.

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