DMC (I) Hosts Bike Rally From Mumbai to Goa

DMC (I) Hosts Bike Rally From Mumbai to Goa

All over the world there are clubs and associations for bike enthusiasts. Even India has many. However there are no Motorcycle Clubs for the Deaf in India. Deaf Motorcycle Club (India), DMC(I), is the first motorcycle club for and of the deaf in India.It was started by two avid bikers, Amol Pagare (Deaf) and Amaresh Gopalakrishnan (Hearing, CODA). The club now has a big fan following from both the deaf and the hearing community.

The aim of DMC(I) is to:

1. To kindle the spirit of adventure among our Deaf riders

2. To present an opportunity for deaf bike-lovers to go on long-distance rides

3. Make Deaf riders aware of safe riding practices

4. To spread awareness among the public, especially the government, that Deaf people can ride safely.

5. To present an opportunity for networking between deaf and non-deaf bike riders.

6. To encourage the government to grant driving licenses to the deaf.

DMC(I) organized its first Interstate motorcycle rally from Mumbai to Goa titled ‘DMC’s Destination
Goa’ starting from 28th December 2019 to 2nd January 2020. The ride was flagged off at Kalwa (West) on the 28th morning at 7:00. A total of 15 bikers from Mumbai participated in this unique maiden event.From 28th December 2019 to 2nd January 2020, a group of Deaf Bikers, biked all the from Mumbai to Goa and came back.DMC(I) has its Facebook & Instagram page. If you are interested in biking please do contact them and be a part of their club.

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