Bicycle Tour Germany – Family European Tandem Bike Tour – Bremen – Lübeck – EU02

Bicycle Tour Germany – Family European Tandem Bike Tour – Bremen – Lübeck – EU02

In the summer of 2016, our family biked across Northern Europe on two tandem bikes. We started in Amsterdam and bicycled across the Netherlands, Northern Germany, Sweden and finally ended up in Copenhagen, Denmark.
In this video we bike from Hardenberg, Netherlands across northern Germany to Lübeck, Germany. Making many stops along the way including Meppen, Cloppenberg, Bremen, Buxtehude, Norderstadt before arriving in Lübeck.

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I Like to Ride My Bike theme song.

I Like to Ride my Bike
Words and Music by Mike Whitla and Joshua Skye Engel
© 2014 Rock’n’Rainbow Music Publishing

Used with permission

This bike touring video was shot using Gopro Hero4.

7 Comments on "Bicycle Tour Germany – Family European Tandem Bike Tour – Bremen – Lübeck – EU02"

  1. Great! We're about to do a similar journey from Stockholm to Amsterdam! Any recommendations? We're thinking of doing Rostock, Lubeck, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Bremen, Osnabruck, Enschede, Apeldoorn, Amsterdam ( regarding the section of trail you're covering in this video…) What do you think? I had no idea about the restrictions of Google Maps in Germany ( but we're glad to hear you had no problem around that area)


  2. How about public toilets in general on your trips??????, could you find in time a bathroom when you really needed one??????,. I ask this because I had several surgery s due cancer , I had surgery on the Intestines and Two on the Liver to remove tumors,. it was almost needed a Stoma instead of Intestines but they could repair it together again,., but after many years still now and then problems to be in time to find a toilet,., since the surgery s I still work for 50 procent,., but the work is an operational job on a truck, to bring provisions on board of sea going vessels like Bulkcarriers , Oiltankers, Carcarriers, Containerships, passengerships,. and more,., so you can maybe imagine that there is no toilet in the truck,.


  3. Marzipan originally comes from the far east. So I don't know where you heard it's from Niederegger. But it's still very beautiful. I love Germany.


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