ALL ACTUALLY WORKING BUS STOP LOCATIONS! (Visit 3 Different Bus Stops Not Working Glitch * BUG FIX *

ALL ACTUALLY WORKING BUS STOP LOCATIONS! (Visit 3 Different Bus Stops Not Working Glitch * BUG FIX *

If you need a FAST SOLUTION to Complete Visit Different Bus Stops in a Single Match Challenge. Sadly many of the Bus Stops is Glitched and most of the Bus Stops Not Working. However in this video, I show you all of the 100% Actually Working Bus Stops Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Purple Remedy Challenge is now AVAILABLE in the Chapter 2 Overtime Challenges so let’s go and collect this fantastic brand new skin!

For one of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Challenges you need to “Visit 3 Different Bus Stops”.

This challenge is a part of the overtime challenges. Once you get the overtime missions you will get the challenge for visit 3 different bus stops in fortnite chapter 2. You find an extremely fast method to complete this mission!


Stage 1 of 2: Reach Battle Pass Tier 40
Stage 2 of 2: Complete ‘Remedy vs. Toxin’ Mission Objectives
Visit different Food Trucks (x3)
Earn Silver Survivor Medals (x3)
SMG Eliminations (x3)
Search chests at Landmarks (x7)
Reach 100 of both Health and Shield in different matches (x3)
Deal damage with a Common, Uncommon and Rare weapon in a single match (x3)
Deal damage to enemy structures (x2,500)
Visit different bus stops in a single match (x3)
Achieve weapon specialist accolades by dealing damage with weapons (x5)
Be the first to catch a fish, first to land from the Battle Bus, or first to get an elimination (x1)

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15 Comments on "ALL ACTUALLY WORKING BUS STOP LOCATIONS! (Visit 3 Different Bus Stops Not Working Glitch * BUG FIX *"

  1. I hope you will find this video helpful, and if you DO! Don't forget to Smash the Subscribe and the Like Button! Our Next Goal to reach the 4.000 Subs! 😎
    💚 Creator Code: DREWORKS 💚


  2. 🤣😂🤣 yeah I had a bit of an issue but I was able to get it done. Super helpful for those that need this done. Thanks Dreworks I used your code to get the Monkey girl & 1 other skin. ✌️


  3. Drew, I liked your original bus stop video because you provided the most optimal path for completing this challenge, but after several attempts I too found some bus stops not working. Never one to give-up, I kept trying other bus stops, but found it difficult to complete in Team Rumble with the storm rolling in on me. Eventually I decided to check videos again and found this update you created identifying all the working bus stops and the most optimal path to complete the challenge using them. I completed the challenge, although not using the path you laid out. That was my intention from the start, but I found the storm closed in before I was able to reach the third stop, by knowing in advance which stops worked, I was able to respawn after diving off a tall ramp and headed straight to the closest working bus stop from my respwan point. Thank you for your excellent video, it was a great help and I was able completed the challenge on my first attempt with this knowledge.


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