Alarming details about subway car doors opening on moving MTA trains

Alarming details about subway car doors opening on moving MTA trains

SCARY COMMUTE: There are alarming new details from the MTA about doors opening on some moving subway cars.

The MTA says it was forced to pull its entire fleet of R179 subway cars, the newest model, the over ongoing door problems.

Both of these incidents happened on the southbound C train less than two weeks apart.

The MTA pulling the cars out of service is resulting in slower service for customers.

All of the cars in question are now undergoing inspection by the company who made the trains, Bombardier.

The MTA recently blasted the company for missed deadlines, poor car design, and construction methods.

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8 Comments on "Alarming details about subway car doors opening on moving MTA trains"

  1. Well they rushed the company to get it to them they probably knew it it was a problem this is why they didn't want to give New York City these train cars yet now New York City is stuck with the defect


  2. America is so far behind in their Transit service compared to the rest of the world the transit service especially in New York City is the worst in the world as far as the cars and the tracks. It's not like Japan


  3. Ride a Japanese or chineses company to take care of it. They will fix all systems fast and with no much cost. There is something wrong behind the scenes


  4. MTA wants $$$$$$ but we don’t see any improvements. Where are the police officers on Stations? There is no supervisor and cars are disgusting. They have lazy people working in the system. Worst service always


  5. May I remind you uneducated passengers this is not the MTAs fault at all. Bombaridier is at fault for making horrid subway cars


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