6 Ways To Open A Beer Using A Mountain Bike

6 Ways To Open A Beer Using A Mountain Bike

No bottle opener? No problem! Check out these six easy ways to open a beer bottle with the help of a mountain bike 🍻

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Make sure to drink responsibly! Never drink and ride on your MTB

How do you open your bottles?

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100 Comments on "6 Ways To Open A Beer Using A Mountain Bike"

  1. After these refreshing alcohol free brews they went to their LBS to get those wheels relaced 😂😂


  2. If I tried that with the spokes of my wheel I would defo snap one or at least bend them and therefore my rim


  3. The best way is to put the cap of the bottle against one side of the bars and than hit the other side with your hand. You dont lose any beer and the pop effect is sooo impressive 😀


  4. I'm glad this was non-alcoholic considering how much you spilled. Don't want to do that with regular beer.


  5. Becks blue….😖😷 absolutely filth, worse than Becks even.
    'Infinite Sessions' is great alcohol free however…esp the american pale


  6. The best holiday public service announcement on YT! Pro tip, use your hitch rack for bottle opening duty, saves on spokes..


  7. Are you guys sure those beers were alcohol free…?
    Anyway, my car keys go with me everywhere, including on my rides, which has a bottle opener as a "keyring".


  8. u can easily open one whit your hand….. u just got to twist and pull up at the same time 🙂
    but i find the top cap one most use full

    🙂 marry X-mas and happy new year 😛


  9. This message is sponsored by your local bikeshop, would would like to see you after you snap a couple spokes trying to open your cold one.


  10. Finally! A useful tutorial from gmbn. 😂
    Cheers boys happy holidays, never a bad time when I click on these vids


  11. There are actually flat pedals (I think they are the "cube slasher") designed to have an integrated bottle opener


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