4 Dead When 2 Motorcycles Crash Head-On

4 Dead When 2 Motorcycles Crash Head-On

let's go to some breaking news from Orange County this hour four people dead after a motorcycle crash thank you so much to join us tonight I'm Jeff Vaughn hello I'm Sarah dawn she our top story here on kcal 9 news and streaming on CBS n Los Angeles two motorcycles going in opposite directions crashed head-on and the outcome was tragic two men two women were killed it happened this evening in Silverado Canyon on Santiago Canyon Road Jeff Nguyen has the details near the crash site Jeff well Sarah and Jeff right now a portion of Santiago Canyon Road is closed while the CHP is investigating this crash involving two motorcycles you know people who live in this community will tell you that this stretch of highway is very popular with motorcycles and tonight we are getting a reminder of how dangerous it is because we are looking at this memorial from a previous crash I mean what a horrible mistake that is Cynthia Fox is reacting to news of a deadly head-on crash involving two motorcycles in the Orange County community of Silverado Canyon she's not connected to the people involved but she's a motorcycle rider herself who lives a few miles from the accident my heart goes out to those other families it happened on Santiago Canyon Road just south of Hicks Hall Road around 4:30 this afternoon the CHP says one motorcycle was going north when the driver tried to pass a car by crossing the double yellow lines that led to the head-on crash with a second bike that was going south pretty bad seeing probably one of the worst ones we've seen in a while four lives lost because of one bad decision at a bend in the road be patient with drivers in front of you if they're going to speed limiting you you're in a hurry for some reason don't over overtake that vehicle if it's gonna be too dangerous for you the crash killed two men and two women it's unclear who the drivers were but Cynthia Fox says she feels especially bad for the passengers wasn't even their fault you know I think that's just tragedy and the driver of the car that was on the road at the time of the crash stayed to talk to police right now the identities of the victims are not being released we are live in Orange County Jeff Nuuanu kcal 9 news

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  1. One lane highways are always dangerous & when you factor in human error these accidents sadly will happen. RIP to all of the victims, very sad yet very avoidable. Drive to arrive.


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