▶️Spark Plug Gap And Installation GY6 50cc,125cc,150cc/BBK Scooter🛵🔧

▶️Spark Plug Gap And Installation GY6 50cc,125cc,150cc/BBK Scooter🛵🔧

hey guys in the fast lane here today I just happen to be working on my scooter and I clean the carburetor out and the main jet and all that it was running a little rough but today I'm going to show you how to pretty much change your spark plug and how to properly gap it what you're going to want to do it with these gy6 is basically you're going to pull the spark plug wire out right here set that aside and then you'll get yourself a 17 millimeter socket you'll shove it down in there with a 3/8 ratchet and then go ahead break it loose mine's already broke loose go ahead take it out and then we'll bring it over the desk and have a look at it requirement for the gap is 22 to 24 thousandths of an inch before you go gapping it basically you if you ran your spark plug before you can go ahead and read what's going on with this spark plug and if you look here it's pretty much a little bit dark black so that means it's running rich I got a 105 jet with a 24 millimeter carb it's a 125cc carburetor on a 50cc scooter basically minds running a little rich and that's okay I'm alright with that but you want to make sure that your gap is set proper because if it's not then you could be blowing spark out and getting some breakup and all that also if you're running tan on the top here that's okay you don't want to be running white if you're running white you're running lean I'm going to go ahead and get mine at 23,000 or 0.58 four millimeters and that's right in between the two basically all you do is just grab your spark plug and you're going to want to tap just the tip not too hard you don't want to close it up completely but mine's over gapped when I put this in here this feeler gauge it's just it's really loose so it's not even close I'm going to go ahead and a couple taps double-check it and yeah that one smash it down so we need to get it in there so gently put it in there just like that so we got it in there put it in again feels nice and loose not too tight you can come out on its own that's it that's 23 thousands right there another tip is get anti-seize and put a little bit on the threads so for future uninstalls it's not a bear to get the spark plug out all this stuff can be purchased underneath my video it'll say shop this video in the description I always pin a link to the top comments or under the video if you're on my website it'll say shop this video underneath the video so take a little bit of this anti see same stuff you use on breaks for the guides and you're just going to touch it right on the threads just a little bit not too much then you can take your fingers and just kind of roll the rest around just like that and that's good now for the installment just kind of pretty much find the hole just hand tighten it at first kind of wiggle it back and forth and and tighten it and then get the socket 17 millimeter put it all the way in there and hand tighten it all the way till you get to the back and then we're just going to use a little wrench 3/8 and just give it a little maybe 1/2 inch turn forward so it's all the way in right there and I go ahead and set the 3/8 wrench in the right direction just like that going to give it a little just a little turn like that maybe an inch or two till it gets tight that's it you don't want to overdo it or strip it then you take your plug wires line it up till you hear it click just like that and that's it you're going to go ahead and start it up now what it was doing before is it was basically breaking up I get it full throttle and it would just choke up I thought it's bad gas my carburetor did have some problems I went ahead and cleaned out the main and I'll jet so pretty much we're going to go ahead start at see what we get

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  1. Does the boot need to be screwed onto the threads on top of the plug or are you supposed to just smash the boot right over the top threads?


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